Free WP7 Apps vs. Free Android Apps

Which OS is better in terms of revenue and productivity? Is it the famous Android or the New kid on the block Windows Phone 7?.

Well, we launched our popular FREE Mortal Kombat Tactics App in both markets. Keep in mind that Android has around 36% market share of the smart phones and Windows Phone 7 started with around 5 – 6%.

Here are the numbers for both platforms, and we are comparing the first 5 Days of the application (having a lot of experience in the marketplace I noticed that the first 5 days are crucial for the success of the App).

Android is using the Advertising AdMob and WP7 is using its PubCenter.

Day 1
1,866 Impressions / $0.57 Revenue
Day 2
497 Impressions / $0.27 Revenue
Day 3
521 Impressions / $0.05 Revenue
Day 4
496 Impressions / $0.25 Revenue
Day 5
304 Impressions / $0.13 Revenue

Giving us a grand total of 3,684 Impressions and $1.27 in Revenue

Windows Phone 7:
Day 1

2,070 Impressions / $1.28 Revenue (already surpassed Android’s 5 days)
Day 2
1,903 Impressions / $2.52 Revenue
Day 3
2,391 Impressions / $4.63 Revenue
Day 4
3,693 Impressions / $3.86 Revenue
Day 5
2,274 Impressions / $2.48 Revenue

Giving us a grand total of 12,331 Impressions and $14.77 in Revenue

Watching those numbers I must say that Windows Phone 7 is clearly the winner here. There are many reasons why Android fails to have the same numbers as Windows Phone 7 and I believe is because the Mass amount of applications, Lack of visibility on the “new” category, etc.

Tell me what you think.

About aapgscorpion

My name is Alex Perez and I have a degree in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco. I always had a passion for great design and with my brother Luis Perez; we started our company called Neuralnet ( about 3 o 4 years ago, where I started doing the design and flow for our websites. We started developing for Windows Phone 7 since it came out to the market and I just been having a blast designing for the Windows Phone 7 under the new awesome Metro UI guidelines. I been using Microsoft Expression Blend for the past 2 years and have a significant amount of knowledge with that amazing tool, and I have been using Photoshop for the past 7 years. I currently work as a Multilingual SEO Analyst for Travelclick and designing and pushing the design limits on Windows Phone 7. You can follow me on twitter at @Aapg1102

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