Making Money with Windows Phone 7 Apps & Games

We welcome the new year 2012 with open arms! and it gives us a chance to look back and see how we did in 2011 in Windows Phone 7.

For us (Neuralnet) 2011 was our break out year, actually we started in May with a couple of apps and kept a continuous pace in developing app. We did not have a one-hit wonder game or app that made us a lot of money in one month, we grind it out every month making apps, (at this time we have 38 apps in the marketplace) and we saw that every month we doubled our impressions and revenue. (keep in mind that ALL of our apps are Free Ad-based) which we think is a better way in the type of apps we make.

2011 Neuralnet's Impressions and Revenue

As you can see, we don’t have any data before May, and every month we doubled our impressions until we reached the 2k ~ 3k impressions mark. As we reached the end of the year we made 11k in revenue, now you may think “That’s not a lot”, but if you consider that we reached the 3k impressions a month and keep it, we should be able to make over 40k by the end of the year. Of course, the beauty about making apps for Windows Phone 7 is that you can grow as much as you want, there is no limit on how much you can make.

During the month of August, we had pretty succesful app in Windows Phone 7 called Mortal Kombat Tactics and we decided to develop that app into the largest mobile market share platform Android.

The results have been fantastic for Windows Phone 7, as we go and do talks about Designing in WP7 and How to make money, one of the points we make is that “Bigger Market Share does not equal Bigger Revenue” and we have seen a couple of different posts about this.

Mortal Kombat Tactics WP7 App

Windows Phone 7 Mortal Kombat Tactics App in 2011

Impressions = 234,936 | Revenue = $174.23 (is not HUGE, but is a small app, for a niche group of people)

Android Mortal Kombat Tactics App in 2011

Impressions = 65,599 | Revenue = $22.67

So what have we learned from last year?

When you are building an app, make it original (in features and content if possible) and Do Not send your app half way done. This to us has been extremely critical and we have experienced this as well. When you are building an app, make it as complete as you can in order to make a GREAT first impression to all of your potential users. Don’t think you are going to send it half way done in order to do updates, trust me, make it as complete as you can, and a lot of users are going to give you feedback with brand new ideas that you can do to your app.

We Love building apps for this amazing platform that is Windows Phone 7, and we look forward to an exciting 2012! we have a lot of great ideas and we’ll continue to share our experiences with everyone out there!


About aapgscorpion

My name is Alex Perez and I have a degree in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco. I always had a passion for great design and with my brother Luis Perez; we started our company called Neuralnet ( about 3 o 4 years ago, where I started doing the design and flow for our websites. We started developing for Windows Phone 7 since it came out to the market and I just been having a blast designing for the Windows Phone 7 under the new awesome Metro UI guidelines. I been using Microsoft Expression Blend for the past 2 years and have a significant amount of knowledge with that amazing tool, and I have been using Photoshop for the past 7 years. I currently work as a Multilingual SEO Analyst for Travelclick and designing and pushing the design limits on Windows Phone 7. You can follow me on twitter at @Aapg1102

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  1. “Do Not send your app half way done”
    I find this part interesting because it contradicts the general advice given to startups. As one article put it “if you are not ashamed of your first version then you have waited too long”. Of course the article was written in the context of a startup where the product is a service but I always assumed that this is true for apps.

    Of course I am not suggesting that one should ship a buggy app but what about an app that does not include all the features planned? If you don’t ship at some point you may fall into the Duke Nukem Forever abyss and never ship because you want to make the perfect app before you do.

    As a person planning to develop an app I would be very grateful if you can share some wisdom on some additional problems.

    If an app is related to a franchise that has distinguishable user interface including menu items and fonts do you build the app with Metro interface or you try to mimic the interface of the franchise. Your Mortal Kombat app is more Mortal Kombat-y in the start screen with the MK font as the title in the background image and full blown colorful MK icons in the tiles and becomes Metro when you go into the menues with metro stylized icons (BTW is there a tool to convert an image to metro style or you did this by hand?) and all that goodness. How did you pick this balance? Have you experimented with this in your other apps and what do users prefer?

    Finally I am curious if you have two MK apps that are not related in functionality would you ship them as one app or would you split them in two separate apps and do some kind of cross-app promotion?

    • Thanks for your comment,

      “Do Not send your app half way done” this is something that we see all the time, people sending half way done apps just for the sake of publishing an app to the marketplace, but then you get awful reviews, 1 stars.. and is extremely hard to recover from a bunch of bad reviews. I’m not trying to say that you should try to make a perfect app, (because we all know that’s not going to happen) but what I mean about Do Not send your app half way done is that before you start building your app, you should have a plan of what the main idea is and the features you want to incorporate in it. Make it complete and functional.

      One of the beauties about the Metro design guidelines is that you can accommodate your brand UI into Metro. Things like special fonts for the titles and background are O.K with Metro.

      When it comes to designing Metro style icons and buttons, well.. there is no tool that I know of that can do that, I do it by hand, I been using Photoshop as my main tool for design. From what I have seen from our users is that they do want the Windows Phone 7 Metro Experience into the design you are making, they do not want something that looks like the iPhone or Android, because well, they bought a Windows Phone 7 because it looks different.

      Now, with the MK question, If you have two MK apps with different functionality, I would still ship them as one. I don’t see a reason why you should split the amount of users you can have with the application. With our NFL Pro ’12 app, (if you haven’t download it yet, I encourage you to do it) it gives you live scores, standings and all that good stuff, but we are planning for next season to integrate the Fantasy Football in it because we don’t want to create a new app knowing that our NFL Pro ’12 app is already successful.

      Hope that answer your questions, and please don’t hesitate to ask me anything.

    I must share this site with my friends on Facebook… Fab stuff!

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    It truly is hard to find knowledgeable people with this topic, however you be understood as you know exactly what you are writing on! Appreciate it

  4. Are you using Microsoft Ads or what ads system are you using?

  5. Wow! How do I get started with making money with Windows Apps games? Do you have a blueprint I can follow or something? Thanks!

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