WP7 App Spotlight – Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse for Windows Phone 7Released about a week ago into the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace, Zombie Apocalypse made by BeatonPath is a fantastic and highly addictive Zombie Tower Defense game.

At the time of this post, Zombie Apocalypse is currently 208/7075 in the games category and 489/50801 overall in the windows phone 7 marketplace with an average rating of 4.5 stars. This is one game you do not want to skip by.

This is the description of the game:

Zombies have overrun the earth
You are in charge of defending your camp of survivors and your family from invading zombies
Place your defenses carefully.  Some walk…some run…and some even fly
Best of luck protecting humanity in this zombie tower defense game.
Try this addictive tower defense game with the added thrill of zombie killing.
Game Features:
5 different zombie invaders

5 different tower guns

5 levels of varying difficulty
Upcoming features:
I plan on increasing the different zombies, tower guns and additional levels as time goes by.  I will also be providing a demo video of the game.

With an update (v1.1) already on the marketplace, you can see this game is constantly upgrading and making a better game experience for all of us.

Zombie Apocalypse is an amazing game and is completely FREE!, we rarely see a great game like this for free at the marketplace.

Please do yourself a favor a get Zombie Apocalypse for Windows Phone 7 at the Marketplace


About aapgscorpion

My name is Alex Perez and I have a degree in Internet Marketing from the University of San Francisco. I always had a passion for great design and with my brother Luis Perez; we started our company called Neuralnet (www.neuralnetsystems.com) about 3 o 4 years ago, where I started doing the design and flow for our websites. We started developing for Windows Phone 7 since it came out to the market and I just been having a blast designing for the Windows Phone 7 under the new awesome Metro UI guidelines. I been using Microsoft Expression Blend for the past 2 years and have a significant amount of knowledge with that amazing tool, and I have been using Photoshop for the past 7 years. I currently work as a Multilingual SEO Analyst for Travelclick and designing and pushing the design limits on Windows Phone 7. You can follow me on twitter at @Aapg1102

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