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WindowsObserver App gives you the Best Tech News

Windows Observer Windows Phone App LogoThe debut of the new version of Windows Observer App is already among us! Windows Observer Windows Phone App is a joint effort between Richard Hay and Neuralnet.

The app takes advantage of features in the Windows Phone 7.5 version such as Fast App Switching, Secondary Tiles, Background Audio Player.

If you are in the enormous world of tech or if you are just an aficionado of everything that has to do with tech, Windows Observer App is your premier source for news while you are on the go. offers you features like:
– Secondary live tile for your favorite categories

– Ability to play the ObservedTech Podcast right in the app!

– Scroll bar with the latest headlines and news

– Share content with your friends or provide feedback directly to

WindowsObserver Windows Phone App

Please do yourself a favor and grab this free app from the windows phone marketplace today and keep up with the tech news at all times!


Featured WP7 App – Comics Trivia

Windows Phone 7 Comics Trivia App

If you think you know your comics, check out Comics Trivia. The Windows Phone game is full of over 2,000 questions from your favorite comics.

When you first launch the app you will need establish a user name for the online leaderboard and after that, get ready to be humble. The questions cover a lot of ground from the classic titles to the new age comics. Thankfully, the questions are multiple choice so you can always get lucky if you have no clue on the answer. Each game is ten questions and the leaderboard scores are cumulative.

Graphically, Comics Trivia is nicely done with various comic book heroes filling up the background as you are quizzed. The developer should consider adding a gallery page to the game to showcase some of these graphics. Settings are simple, covering music on/off and vibration on/off.

All in all, Comics Trivia is a fun game to pass the time. Comics Trivia is a free game and you can find it here at the Windows Phone Web Marketplace.

Featured WP7 App – Game Scout

Video games. Can’t live with ’em can’t live without ’em, am I right? Well some of you might be able to live your life without becoming a trigger-happy profanity machine for 20 minutes everyday, but for those who can’t we know you need your gaming fix even when you’re on the go.

WP7 Game Scout App

Enter Game Scout, an app dedicated to collecting all of the latest news, user reviews, and videos about all of those digital guilty pleasures. It may sounds like a typical collect-the-news-feeds app on first impression, but where Game Scout is unique is in its self-contained ‘social network’.

When you download the app, it basically acts like you’ve just registered an account with a website (there’s no log in or even setup required). From then on out you can immediately dive into and contribute your own user reviews of video games, or you can even submit games that haven’t been included in the database yet. Of course you don’t have to participate in the user-centric side of the app, which is when you’ll run into Game Scout’s great collection of imported news and videos from around the web — all of which can be filtered based on what console/portable/smartphone you prefer.

Game Scout is a unique little app that could be worth any gamers while as more and more people begin to use it and contribute original content. The app is Mango-ready and available for free in the Marketplace

Check out the video made by Windows Phone Daily giving you a quick view of the app and all its great features.