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Reason why Neuralnet is successful in Windows Phone 7

Before we did any Windows Phone 7 application design and development, we were a web solutions company, and honestly we found ourselves into a deep void with no sign of success in the future.

The CTIA – Wireless Association came into Orlando in 2011, and we had a long discussion about going or not, like I said before, we had very limited resources and the decision to go was a big one since the price was a bit high for us.

We knew that there was going to be a show and tell for a Windows Phone 7 App, and we thought this could be a good opportunity to get our name out. We made a mock-up of a music app. When my brother show it off, he met a guy named Joe Healy.

The reason why we are successful in Windows Phone 7 is because of Joe Healy, he is a pretty cool guy, but don’t mention that to him. If you get a chance to meet Joe Healy and you are legitimately interested in developing for the Windows Phone 7, he will help you out with a solid base to start making your wp7 apps.

We can’t give enough credit to Joe, and we greatly appreciate everything he has done for us! Thanks Joe!

P.S. I still think you about page is fea.