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WindowsObserver App gives you the Best Tech News

Windows Observer Windows Phone App LogoThe debut of the new version of Windows Observer App is already among us! Windows Observer Windows Phone App is a joint effort between Richard Hay and Neuralnet.

The app takes advantage of features in the Windows Phone 7.5 version such as Fast App Switching, Secondary Tiles, Background Audio Player.

If you are in the enormous world of tech or if you are just an aficionado of everything that has to do with tech, Windows Observer App is your premier source for news while you are on the go. offers you features like:
– Secondary live tile for your favorite categories

– Ability to play the ObservedTech Podcast right in the app!

– Scroll bar with the latest headlines and news

– Share content with your friends or provide feedback directly to

WindowsObserver Windows Phone App

Please do yourself a favor and grab this free app from the windows phone marketplace today and keep up with the tech news at all times!


Windows Phone 7 Market Share by 2012

According to this study made by Digitimes, Windows Phone will reach 6% of the market share by 2012. It may not seem like a huge impact but if this research is correct that means that windows phone 7 doubled its market share in 1 year, making it possible that by 2015 Windows Phone 7 will be the number 3 or 2 in the mobile industry.

Marketshare by 2010

Let’s  see if this is true, and Nokia can finally push windows phone 7 to consumers and new second and third generation phones from HTC, Samsung and other OEM.