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For all the artists in Windows Phone – ARTistic has arrived

ARTistic Tile App for Windows PhoneARTistic Windows Phone App

Every person as an artist inside of them that needs to be inspired. Too often, our artistic side is ignored and life begins to get boring. ARTistic Windows Phone App was created to entertain, empower and inspire that artist hiding inside of all of us. Established and emerging artists are able to exhibit, promote and share their work using a phone application. This Windows based phone application was developed to embrace the community of artists and people who are devoted to art.

Art plays an important part in society. Art helps make people well rounded with a deeper understanding of themselves and the world. It helps people think beyond their limits of pervious boundaries. The ARTistic Windows phone application helps bring art and graphic design to literally everyone’s fingertips. The enjoyment and pleasure that are brings is immeasurable. Beauty is brought to the world in a way that everyone can understand no matter where they are globally or what language they speak.

ARTistic features:

  • Create a free profile as an artist
  • Upload photos, art, craft or anything artistic on your part
  • Detail analytics for each of your ART
  • Add favorites to your ART list
  • Review and Comment other fellow ARTists uploads
  • Ability to download ARTist uploads
  • Live ART Tile and Pin especific ART to your home screen
  • Pinch, Zoom and Rotate ART when viewing on full screen

Art is all around us and now it is even available on Windows Phone. It is important that everyone has access to the art world because it’s pure nature helps open minds with this FREE application.

Download ARTistic for Windows Phone


Half a Million Downloads and Counting on Windows Phone

It’s been a very interesting year in the world of Windows Phone. We started developing strongly for Windows Phone and we have about 40 apps currently in the marketplace

We have a few different categories for our apps, from games and social to sports.

Here is our profile page on the windows phone marketplace website, Please make sure you take a quick second to see all of our apps.

A few weeks ago we reached a pretty important milestone. +500,000 downloads!! very proud achievement for just 2 guys working eagerly on the Windows Phone platform.

We want to thank EVERYONE that has supported us and every single user that has downloaded one of our apps! We really appreciate you having a small place in your Windows Phone to install one of our apps.

We’ll continue to work extremely hard to provide quality, useful, fun and interactive apps for your enjoyment! Please keep checking back with us to see our newest apps!

Thank You, Thank You,

Thank You, Thank You,

Thank You, Thank You,

Thank You, Thank You,

Thank You, Thank You.

Grand Slam Wins on Windows Phone

MLB Pro 12 for Windows Phone MLB Pro is here!

It has arrived just before the baseball season starts on April 4th, 2012.

From the makers of the Popular and Trusted NFL Pro ’12, NBA Pro ’12 and NHL Pro ’12

The Ultimate MLB App has arrived to Windows Phone!,

MLB Pro ’12 will give you Fast, Trustworthy scores, Up to the Minute Stats and Standings and much more. Never miss another game again!, whether you follow your favorite MLB Team or glance at every single game.

MLB Pro ’12 offers you the most comprehensive coverage available on your Windows Phone.

MLB Pro ’12 Features

– Fantasy Playoff Prediction: Personalize your own fantasy playoff prediction and pick who is going to win the MLB World Series this year! and compare it to everybody else’s prediction.

– Favorite Team: Follow your favorite team and gain easy access to your team page

– Live Tile: Pin as many teams as you want on your start screen and get a glance at their next game

– Deep News and Roster: Check the Latest news for Every team in the MLB and full Roster with detailed information about all players

– Latest Videos and Podcasts: Check out the latest videos and podcasts about the MLB and enjoy watching all the action on MLB Pro ’12

– Live Sports Talk: Share your comments and knowledge with everybody else at your Team’s Page and talk trash at the other team’s pages

Go ahead and download this FREE app from the marketplace

Also make sure to check out NBA Pro 12 and NHL Pro 12

Missing perception in Windows Phone Development?

I quote this from Elbert Perez a successful Windows Phone Developer

2012 plans laid out.

Posted on March 12, 2012 by elbert

I just got back from GDC, which is my annual “know what direction I should take and keep up with the game industry” kind of week. The biggest lesson learned this year from GDC is to be promiscuous with platforms. Don’t just lock yourself into 1 platform and lose all the benefits of the other platforms. What this means is that I will be using multi-platform strategies moving forward. I will be starting with HTML5 and depending on how that goes I might stay with it or switch to the Unity Game Engine. This is not saying that I am dropping Windows Phone Development, I am just including more platforms into my target audience. There are a variety of reasons I am doing this:

1. Multi platform is a no brainer in increasing the number of users playing your games. This is the clear and most effective path at achieving growth without resorting to spending huge amounts of money on advertising

2. The gold rush of Windows Phone is now over. With more and more apps flooding into the market the competition is getting harder. Money is not as good as it was, and the quick development method is less effective. Being stuck monetizing just on ad revenue alone sucks. Windows Phone needs IAP and it seems like it will be forever before it shows up.

3. I have a library of successful games that are screaming to be ported over to other platforms. This makes the porting process easier for me because I already have all the assets and design done for me. So I can concentrate on building the infrastructure of my multi platform strategy. Once I have better understanding on  going multi platform, I can resume creating new games :)

Don’t worry folks, this is just part of growing up as a developer and keeping with the times. There is a hard road ahead, but it is those hard roads that are worth travelling :)

I got his point, but if the gold rush is over on Windows Phone it is way over on other platforms, I think as earlier adopters we got the advantage to start in a fresh environment, but not evolving in ideas/quality it’s going to hurt us in the long run, because in some point competition is going to be tougher and new ideas will come out.

As for the gold rush, I think there is going to be a gold rush on Windows 8, but in my opinion since it is the #1 flagship product of Microsoft, the gold rush will be shorter.

It is a continuous creative process with non-stop imagination for the ones that want to stay on top every day, I think everyone can do better everyday, and we won’t be in the process of jumping to other platforms (rather than smart expanding).

It seems odd that this developer is going to an over-saturated marketplaces (iPhone = +500,000; Android = +375,000) while complaining of lots of competition in Windows Phone (Windows Phone = +70,000).

I would like to hear your opinions and I think this is an interesting topic for Windows Phone developer because we need motivation to continue working and when we see other developers complaining somehow some developers lose a bit of that motivation.

Here is an article written in WMPowerUser about Elbert Perez,

feel free to post your honest opinion as well.

Featured Windows Phone Game – Imperium a free RPG

Imperium Windows Phone GameIntroducing Imperium!, the first free RPG turn-by-turn game for Windows Phone created by indie game studios, NeuralGames.

Imperium is an exciting world where you are able to conquer and train more than 60 Imperators in your quest to defeat the evil Imperators and save the world. With fun but challenging battles, you’ll have to make your way through a number of Tournaments.

Over 60 Imperators are available for you to obtain in battle and train them to defeat the evil Imperators.

Imperium is always a growing community! Always be on the look out for Special events and Prizes.

You can find Imperium for FREE at the Windows Phone Marketplace 



WindowsObserver App gives you the Best Tech News

Windows Observer Windows Phone App LogoThe debut of the new version of Windows Observer App is already among us! Windows Observer Windows Phone App is a joint effort between Richard Hay and Neuralnet.

The app takes advantage of features in the Windows Phone 7.5 version such as Fast App Switching, Secondary Tiles, Background Audio Player.

If you are in the enormous world of tech or if you are just an aficionado of everything that has to do with tech, Windows Observer App is your premier source for news while you are on the go. offers you features like:
– Secondary live tile for your favorite categories

– Ability to play the ObservedTech Podcast right in the app!

– Scroll bar with the latest headlines and news

– Share content with your friends or provide feedback directly to

WindowsObserver Windows Phone App

Please do yourself a favor and grab this free app from the windows phone marketplace today and keep up with the tech news at all times!

Love Text updated for Valentine’s Day

Love Text App for Windows PhoneThe popular love text app for Windows Phone has gone through a complete make-over for Valentine’s Day this February 14th.

With a brand new complete re-design and added extra features, love text is sure to help all of us on the romantic day.

Love Text is a free app on the Windows Phone Marketplace and is extremely easy to use

With its distribution globally and its built-in auto detect language feature that will translate all of the poems into the native language of the phone.

Love Text App Features:

  • Auto Translate poems based on your native language.
  • Send poems via email, text, windows live, twitter and facebook.
  • Create your own poem.

Love Text App Screenshots

With love text you can send a love poem to anyone you want. With Love text you can send a poem to anyone in your contact list.

Visit our official website:

Reason why Neuralnet is successful in Windows Phone 7

Before we did any Windows Phone 7 application design and development, we were a web solutions company, and honestly we found ourselves into a deep void with no sign of success in the future.

The CTIA – Wireless Association came into Orlando in 2011, and we had a long discussion about going or not, like I said before, we had very limited resources and the decision to go was a big one since the price was a bit high for us.

We knew that there was going to be a show and tell for a Windows Phone 7 App, and we thought this could be a good opportunity to get our name out. We made a mock-up of a music app. When my brother show it off, he met a guy named Joe Healy.

The reason why we are successful in Windows Phone 7 is because of Joe Healy, he is a pretty cool guy, but don’t mention that to him. If you get a chance to meet Joe Healy and you are legitimately interested in developing for the Windows Phone 7, he will help you out with a solid base to start making your wp7 apps.

We can’t give enough credit to Joe, and we greatly appreciate everything he has done for us! Thanks Joe!

P.S. I still think you about page is fea.

Sprint and Windows Phone 7 petition

Sprint and Windows Phone 7 Petition

Sprint has been known for the lack of support for Windows Phone 7, with only one device (the HTC Arrive which is a fantastic device) Sprint customers are starting to realize that Sprint may not be the carrier they want and are beginning to switch to other Windows Phone 7 supporter carriers.

Sprint Vice President of Product Realization David Owens expressed his lack of enthusiasm for WP7 and is clearly a sign of the lack of support for Windows Phone 7 in Sprint which leads us to say this publicly.

“We, Neuralnet, developer of these fine products such as  NFL Pro ’12, NBA Pro ’12, NHL Pro ’12, Love Text, Game Scout, Multiple Trivia Games, Theme Park Pro and over 40 applications is on Sprint, we will be switching off Sprint in August if Sprint doesn’t release any kind of information about new Windows Phone 7 devices coming soon.”

If you are on Sprint or if you want to have more Windows Phone 7 choices in the stores, then please go to SignOn WP7 on Sprint and sign the petition! let’s make an uproar and let our voices be heard!

A smarter approach to all sports apps in WP7

As we all know, Windows Phone 7 is all about getting the information you care most about and following this concept Neuralnet has developed the Pro Sports Apps, these apps are all completely free and bring you the best content for all the sports you love right at your fingertips.

NFL Pro '12 Windows Phone 7 App NFL Pro ’12

Never miss another touchdown again!, whether you follow your favorite NFL Team or glance at every single game, NFL Pro ’12 offers you the most comprehensive coverage available on your Windows Phone 7.

NFL Pro ’12 was released on Oct 7, 2011 and has taken the #2 place in the sports category since November. With over 28,000 users that use the application regularly and great ratings consisting of 60% 5 stars, 26% 4 stars and 10% 3 stars on over 500 ratings.

If you have NFL Pro ’12 on your Windows Phone 7 already, we are working on an update for the Superbowl and leaving a suggestion box to allow our users get their feedback across for NFL Pro ’13 which will come as an upgrade, so users thinking of how am I going to get the next version of NFL Pro, you don’t have to do anything. We’ll send an update when the next season starts and you’ll get it automatically to your phone to upgrade it.

You can find the NFL Pro ’12 App at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

NBA Pro '12 Windows Phone 7 AppNBA Pro ’12

Never miss another game again!, whether you follow your favorite NBA Team or glance at every single game, NBA Pro ’12 offers you the most comprehensive coverage available on your Windows Phone 7.

NBA Pro ’12 has had an amazing start since it was release on Jan 4, 2012 and has come up in the rankings at a blazing speed, by the time of this post the NBA Pro ’12 App is currently #6 in the free sports. With a fast growing user database and an excellent ratings consisting of 76% 5 stars, 21% 4 stars and 3% 3 stars on over 40 ratings so far.

The NBA Pro ’12 app has been featured in a lot of articles across the web, such as the WindowsObserver NBA Pro ’12 article

You can find the NBA Pro ’12 App at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

NHL Pro '12 Windows Phone 7 AppNHL Pro ’12

Never miss another game again!, whether you follow your favorite NHL Team or glance at every single game, NHL Pro ’12 offers you the most comprehensive coverage available on your Windows Phone 7.

Living life on ice is amazing and the NHL Pro ’12 has allowed all Hockey fans to have an amazing experience on their phones. Since its release on Jan 6, 2012 the NHL Pro ’12 has come up in the rankings on the free sports category. With daily additions of fans to our app and great ratings consisting of 91% 5 stars, and 9% 4 stars on over 15 ratings so far.

You can find the NHL Pro ’12 App at the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace

Neuralnet already has a plan for MLB Pro ’12 and MLS Pro ’12 windows phone 7 apps to launch when the season starts for each sport. If you have any suggestions on which sport you want us to make an app for, please leave your comments below and we’ll definitely take a look at it.